Industrial Doors

Within our vendor list you will find a variety of loading dock doors, high speed doors, air doors, impact traffic doors, clean room doors and bug barriers.

TKO Dock Doors

Patented TKO dock doors are designed to be knocked out of their track when inadvertently impacted from the interior side. They simultaneously provide security and climate control customized to your specific application.

Albany Highspeed Doors
Albany International provides a full line of highspeed doors for enhanced traffic flow, environmental control, and low maintenance. Albany doors are designed to self-reset in the event of an impact and can operate at speeds of up to 100" per second.
Traffic Doors
A full line of traditional impact style traffic doors is offered. All types are available ranging from the super heavy-duty security type doors found at the US Post Office facilities to supermarket applications to the simple stock room doors found in retail facilities.
Bug Barriers
Let the Spring air in and keep the bugs out! A wide variety of bug barriers are offered in both manual and powered versions. Bug barriers are often offset mounted to work in conjunction with existing overhead doors.
Air Doors
Air Doors keep the heat in and the bugs out, and best of all - your employees cannot damage them. We offer heated and non-heated units for all opening widths and heights.
TKO Doors

TKO pioneered the impact-resistant door to address lost productivity & maintenance costs associated with damage to conventional overhead and sectional doors. Since 1994,  thousands of TKO doors have been installed to reduce damage, maintain production, and provide a safer working condition at the loading dock.

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