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Dock Products

We carry the highest quality dock products in the industry, our primary brand is Kelley with a wide selection of docklevelers, dock seals and shelters, trailer restraints, chocking systems and docklifts.

Docklevelers are used to bridge the gap between a warehouse and trailer bed. They are essential to providing safety and efficiency at any loading dock. We carry various styles including pit mounted, edge-of-dock, oversized, and high capacity. We have various activation methods including mechanical, hydraulic, and airbag.
Dock Lifts

Dock Lifts are typically used in applications where customers have no traditional loading dock at their facility or where large height differentials exist between trailer bed and warehouse floor. Docklifts eliminate costly ramps and the associated hazards to personnel and product.

Truck Restraints
Truck Restraints, trailer restraints, and automatic chocking systems provide that essential layer of safety at your loading dock. Restraints prevent premature trailer departure and simultaneously provide the vital communication link between truck drivers and dock personnel through a combination of light displays and caution signs.
Dock Seals and Shelters
Dock Seals and Shelters greatly enhance the dock environment by sealing out hot/cold air, precipitation, insects, and dirt. Seals and shelters also provide added security at your dock.
Kelley Company Dock Products

KELLEY is a leading manufacturer of quality docklevelers, truck restraints, seals and shelters, docklifts and chocking systems. The Kelley Company continues to be an innovative leader in the industry, always working on the next best design. Kelley offers the most diversified product line to provide maximum durability and efficency for all dock applications.

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